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Whether you're processing stone, sand, gravel, recycled concrete and asphalt, or industrial byproducts, you need the right tools to segregate, crush, wash, screen, stockpile, and weigh your aggregates.

Amaco is the longest serving aggregate equipment dealer in Ontario and for good reason. We have been supplying road builders, paving companies, recycling companies, steel mills, mining companies, and other producers since 1983. We have decades of experience with our manufacturer partners, and we will consult with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

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We represent Kolberg-Pioneer Inc., Johnson Crushers International, and Astec Mobile Screens, divisions of Astec Industries' Aggregate and Mining Group and leading manufacturers for aggregate suppliers throughout North America. Whether you need jaw, cone, or other types of crushers and screening systems, they have the right tools for the job.

After you’ve crushed and screened aggregate, measuring output is ideal for quality and volume control. When it comes to tracking your production, Tecweigh has industrial belt scales, volumetric and gravimetric feeders, along with control gates, processors, and customized systems for your specific needs.

We provide equipment for every step in the process.

To discuss the right aggregate crushing and screening equipment for your needs, contact us.

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Radiant Floor Heat Frequently Asked Questions

Like sand, concrete is an ideal carrier of radiant heat because of its inherent thermal mass. As warm water circulates through the tubing (or as electricity warms the heating elements), the concrete flooring turns into an efficient, inconspicuous radiator. Typically, radiant heating systems warm floors to temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees F.

Why Is Concrete Better?

Concrete is a building material that gains strength over time. Concrete's 100-year service life conserves resources by reducing the need for reconstruction. Concrete is durable - it resists weathering, erosion and natural disasters, needs few repairs and little maintenance, adding up to a solid investment. Economical

Why Concrete Floors Rock

Concrete withstands wear, and it's resistant to fire, stains, water, bacteria and odors. It won't scratch, it's easy to clean, and the design is customizable. Concrete also contributes to good air quality, and it can help reduce energy bills when used properly.

Concrete: Scientific Principles

The role of water is important because the water to cement ratio is the most critical factor in the production of "perfect" concrete. Too much water reduces concrete strength, while too little will make the concrete unworkable. Concrete needs to be workable so that it may be consolidated and shaped into different forms (i.e.. walls, domes, etc.).

Tips for Curing Concrete in Cold Weather

Aug 23, 2019 · Seal newly cured concrete by applying sealant to prevent outside water from seeping into the concrete. Concrete sealants will extend concrete’s life and will reduce the chance of curing failure. In extremely cold regions, use only a breathable concrete sealant that allows the evaporation of moisture.

CIP 12

Use proven local recommendations for adjusting concrete mixture composition and proportions, such as the use of water reducing and set retarding admixtures. Extended-set control admixtures may also be used for long haul deliveries or in extremely high temperatures. Modifying concrete mixtures to reduce the heat generated by cement hydration,

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Concrete Cooling Water Chilling Plants and Tanks

2/9/2015 · Fortunately the temperature of the water being used can easily and effectively be controlled by the pouring company as long as they utilize a quality water chilling plant and cold water tank. This makes cold water systems an almost universal aspect of most concrete cooling systems. …

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Cooling Water Contamination

To prevent scaling, corrosion and biofilm in the cooling system, inhibitors and biocides are regularly dosed. Make-up water is continuously added to the system to balance the loss of water from evaporation. As water is added, the concentration of chemicals is diluted and the quality of water changes.

How to Use Concrete Form Tubes: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

03-04-2020 · How to Use Concrete Form Tubes. Form tubes make it easy to pour concrete support footings for mailboxes, fence posts, decks, and other structures. After digging a hole in the correct dimensions for the support, slide the form tube into the...

Foundation Cooling

Aug 26, 2009 · once again this has nothing to do with heating or cooling a house. read the entire post before commenting people. its about a water cooling system for a PC using a concrete slab and copper pipes ...

Concrete Cooling | North Star Best Commercial & Industrial

If there is a delay in concrete production for any reason, properly stored North Star flake ice does not lose its cooling capacity. Environmentally Friendly. Unlike water-cooling of aggregate, flake ice production does not produce waste water or require excess water disposal.

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Up to now, no company was able to come with a good enough water cooling solution to change that matter of facts. Summary. Technically water is better; Server design and datacenter designs are not adapted to water cooling; Current maintenance and safety procedures forbid the use of water cooling inside servers

Cooling Tower Basins - Home - International District Energy

•Concrete Specifications –Air entraining admixture for freeze thaw resistance –To reduce permeability, Fly Ash or Silica Fume • Reinforcing Steel –Epoxy Coated A615 reinforcement - ,200/ton

How To Plan and Manage Curing for Mass Concrete Pours

Jul 29, 2014 · Pre-cooling - Means to pre-cool concrete include shading and sprinkling the coarse aggregate pile with water, using chilled mix water, replacing mix water with shaved or chipped ice and injecting ...

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Hot Weather Concrete Construction

The use of liquid nitrogen is one option to reduce concrete’s temperature during hot-weather concreting. The precautions required to ensure a quality end product will vary depending on the actual conditions during concrete placement and the specific application for which the concrete will be used.

Spraying Water on New Concrete

Spraying water on your new concrete is one of the best and oldest ways to cure your concrete. After new concrete is poured and finished the concrete begins its curing process. The best cured concrete is concrete that is cured slowly, uniformly, and evenly from top to bottom. During the summer months, the outside temperature can become hot.

Concrete Curing: What Equipment is Right For You? - Gilson Co

The water temperature must be monitored, recorded and maintained at the same 23.0±2.0°C (73.4±3.5°F) level as moist rooms. Tanks can also be added and interconnected for greater sample capacity and heating/cooling efficiency. Accessories for heating and circulating the curing water make it easier to maintain specified temperature levels.

Is Water Good or Bad in Concrete?

Sep 02, 2014 · The good news is that you can have your cake and eat it too! There are chemical admixtures called normal water reducers and high range water reducers that we can put in the concrete. Concrete designed for slumps greater than 5 inches typically will require the use of a high range to avoid having a high water cement ratio.

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Keep Cracks at Bay with These Concrete Cooling Techniques

Whether your concrete job utilizes ice and water, liquid nitrogen or good old Mother Nature to handle the cooling process, be sure to take every precaution and use proper PPE to get the job done safely. Learn more about Concrete Cooling Solutions offered by Airgas. Looking for more construction-related articles? You might also like:

Keeping concrete Cool in the heat of summer

Keeping concrete Cool in the heat of summer By Ken Hover Plan ahead for successful hot-weather concreting Reducing aggregate temperature is another way to cool concrete. Here worker applies cool water to aggregate piles with a fire-type nozzle. A solid stream of water, rather than a spray, minimizes the cool water’s contact with warm air.

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Salt Water Cooling Towers

Using Salt Water in Cooling Towers ... Item Fresh water Salt water Cost ratio Cooling tower /TU .6/TU 1.4 ... Unit 3---Basin Concrete Damage.

What Makes Concrete a Sustainable Building Material?

This parking lot installed in 2001 at Bannister Park, Fair Oaks, Calif., is the first in the state to use pervious concrete. The Sacramento Cool Communities program was a partner in the project, which used pervious concrete for stormwater management and to reduce the urban heat-island effect.

10 reasons why a concrete masonry building is your best

10 reasons why a concrete masonry building is your best investment! Masonry construction has been the material of choice extensively throughout the architectural world for years. And for good reasons.

2020 SBM Remax 200 Track Mount Impact Recycler – 000970

SAVE 40% ON FUEL with the diesel-electric drive 2020 SBM Remax 200 Portable Track Mount Impact Crusher. Weighing only 27,500 KG., all drive components are electrically driven from the Tier 5 Cummins on-plant diesel-genset. This closed circuit plant uses a large 1.2 m x 2.5 m single deck screen to recirculate over size material back […]

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